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Welcome to A-1's Blog, Blogmission, that covers all things motors, transmissions, gears, cars and trucks. This blog will cover the latest in industry news, recalls, how-to's, maintenance, and more. And don't worry, we're not partial to any kind of truck or car- so you'll be able to learn about Fords, Chevy's, Dodge's, and the like in one-stop shop.

Allison Transmission

A Guide to Allison Transmissions

Less than 3% of all cars sold in the United States have manual transmissions. That means that 97% of the ...
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A-1 Transmission

CVT Transmissions – Maintenance & Repair Guide

What is a CVT Transmission? A CVT transmission or Continuously Variable Transmission is a type of automatic transmission, which is ...
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old car transmission

Transmission Repair and Rebuild Cost Guide

No one ever wants to hear that there is a problem with their vehicle. But few phrases strike more fear ...
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