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5 Common Diesel Engine Problems a Mobile Mechanic Can Fix on the Spot

Diesel engines experience unique problems that can leave your truck stranded. Thankfully, many common diesel breakdowns can be repaired on-site by a mobile heavy duty mechanic, saving significant towing and downtime costs.

1. Hard Starting

Difficulty getting the engine to turn over is one of the most common diesel issues.

A mobile tech can diagnose and fix causes like:

  • Dead or weak battery - Jump start or replace the battery.
  • Sticking glow plugs - Unstick or replace faulty glow plugs.
  • Fouled injectors - Clean or replace clogged fuel injectors.
  • Low compression - Adjust valve lash or overhaul engine.
  • Electrical shorts - Repair damaged wiring causing a no-crank or slow-crank condition.

2. Overheating

A mobile pro can inspect the cooling and lubrication systems for leaks, slipped belts, stuck thermostats, and restore coolant levels to get the engine running cool again.

3. Oil Leaks

Mechanics can identify the source of external oil leaks at the valve covers, oil pan, seals, or gaskets and reseal these areas to stop leaks.

4. Smoking & Low Power

Excessive smoke and power loss can be caused by:

  • Dirty air filters - Replace clogged air filters.
  • Fuel pressure issues - Test and replace faulty injectors or fuel pressure sensors.
  • Turbo failure - Replace turbo if blades are damaged.
  • EGR problems - Clean or replace malfunctioning EGR valves.

5. Knocking Noise

Knocking or rattling sounds indicate internal engine damage. A mobile technician can inspect and replace malfunctioning components like:

  • Pistons - Worn piston rings or piston slap.
  • Rod bearings - Excessive rod bearing clearance.
  • Main bearings - Damaged crankshaft main bearings.
  • Camshaft - Worn camshaft lobes or bearings.

While not all diesel repairs can be made roadside, an experienced mobile heavy duty mechanic can diagnose most issues that leave trucks stranded and perform many repairs on location. This saves substantial towing fees and downtime for truckers and fleet owners.