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CVT Transmissions – Maintenance & Repair Guide

What is a CVT Transmission?

A CVT transmission or Continuously Variable Transmission is a type of automatic transmission, which is different from the traditional automatic transmissions. Because of the CVTs optimized shifting process, you’ll have a smoother driving experience. 

When you drive a CVT transmission vehicle, you might notice that the transition between gears is very smooth. One of the advantages of CVT transmission is that it can provide better fuel economy as well as more efficient power usage. This is for the reason that CVT transmission permits the engine of your vehicle to operate at optimum power – without the consideration of how fast the car is traveling. 

This all boils down to CVT transmission being continuously variable, which means that instead of actual gear stages, the Continuously Variable Transmission allows for a continuous variation within the vehicle engine so that the drivers can’t even notice the gear transition.

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Best Maintenance Tips

  1. You must check the transmission fluid periodically.
  2. Utilize the right type of transmission fluid.
  3. Have the cooling system of your engine serviced.
  4. Get your car transmission flushed regularly.
  5. You must change gears while your vehicle is moving. 
  6. Let your vehicle warm up before you drive.
  7. You must not drive on a spare tire for an extended period of time.
  8. You must change the transmission filter regularly.
  9. Avoid utilizing your car for towing. 
  10. Annually, inspect your transmission. 

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A major part of transmission repair is making sure that the control side of your car is working properly.  Latest models of vehicles are equipped with electronics playing an important role in the vehicle transmission function. Most modern vehicles are packed with an ODB or an on-board diagnostic port.  To enable people to plug into the car to gather information from it – through diagnostic codes.  

From the straightforward replacement of a defective speed sensor to an extensive rebuild because of a bearing failure, A1 Transmission Repair & Rebuild Shop is equipped with the machinery and expertly trained staff to get your vehicle back on the road quickly as well as cost effectively.

At A1 Transmission, we have been repairing and rebuilding CVT transmissions for years. Our A1 quality transmission & auto repair has extensive experience with both their symptoms and failures, and our team can definitely accommodate any of your vehicle’s  CVT related issue. 

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Cost Section

The CVT transmission replacement can cost about $4,000 – $7,000, nonetheless, if you change the fluid every 40,000 to 50,000 miles, CVT transmission’s life can be greatly extended. The CVT transmission fluid is expensive, ranges from $15 – $30 a quart. The capacity of the transmission is 4 to 5 quarts. The labor charge can be about $70 to $110.

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