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A Guide to Allison Transmissions


Less than 3% of all cars sold in the United States have manual transmissions. That means that 97% of the cars sold in the US have automatic transmissions, and Allison Transmissions carries much of that weight. 

Some studies show that nearly 82% of all people lack the ability to confidently drive a manual transmission. With that number increasing with every generation of new drivers, providing vehicles with reliable automatic transmissions becomes more important than ever before.

History of Allison Transmission

Founded in 1915, Allison Transmission has remained at the forefront of innovation for automatic transmissions and other mechanical development and distribution. Allison Transmissions started with performance race car parts, before evolving to aircraft engine development. 

At the start of World War I, Allison suspended their work on race cars and started manufacturing for the war effort, piquing interest in aviation and commercial grade mechanical work. By the end of World War II, their expertise was used to put powerful and reliable transmissions into tracked military vehicles on the ground. 

Eventually, they found their strength in heavy-duty automatic transmissions. Today, they are considered the largest designer and manufacturer of automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems in the world. Now, Allison Transmissions are specified by over 250 commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Allison Transmission

Product Longevity

In the current industrial climate that promotes planned obsolescence, Allison Transmissions builds their systems to last. With less routine maintenance needed compared to similar products, your fleet will spend less time in the shop, and your budget will thank you. By utilizing a torque converter instead of a dry clutch as many vehicles use, the common repairs and replacements of the clutch are avoided or needed less frequently.


Allison Transmissions are also built with fuel efficiency in mind. Continuous Power Technology™ means that the engine torque is nearly doubled, and all that power goes directly to your wheels uninterrupted. This puts the power directly into the motion of your vehicle for faster acceleration, more efficient fuel consumption, and better power. 

Allison Transmissions uses 5th Generation Electronic Controls to give you better control over the specifics of your vehicle’s fuel consumption and efficiency. Smart controls make it easier to see the health of your filters and know when you need to top up or replace your fluids.

Fleet Productivity

With Allison Transmissions, the full-power shifts deliver more power regardless of the type of vehicle. Allison Transmissions has found their niche in huge construction vehicles, delivery trucks, school buses, transit vans, and many more large commercial vehicles. They’ve carved out a reputation for improving productivity in every aspect of the mechanical side of your business, by promoting fuel efficiency and less downtime for maintenance. 

With high tech prognostic technology, Allison Transmissions has taken the stress out of scheduling routine maintenance by allowing you to monitor the associated systems with 5th Generation Electronic Controls. This means that you can monitor oil life, filter health, and overall transmission health without pulling your truck off the road.

Safety with Allison Transmission

With a fully automatic transmission system like Allison, your drivers will benefit from many factors that improve the safety of your crew and those around them. Fully-automatic transmissions experience almost no roll-back, as seen with manual transmissions, making them easier to maneuver in traffic and in crowded loading docks. 

Further, with less focus on the clutch system, drivers can be more aware of their surroundings and keeping both hands on the wheel. Far fewer modern drivers have adequate experience with manual transmissions to make moving large vehicles safely. Allison Transmissions takes the guesswork out of driving your fleet.

Other Applications for Allison Transmissions

Allison has found a place in many industries, not just fleet vehicles. Allison Transmissions can be found in mining and oil field equipment as well. Most large equipment needs a transmission of some sort to help the motor keep things moving. 

Prior to 1998, commercial trucks, RVs, and machinery with Allison Transmissions used the WTEC transmission configuration. This version had the fewest options for diagnosis, and in the years since, the engineers in Allison’s ranks have developed several newer versions. The newer systems have proven to be more reliable than past options, and are still in use today. 

In 2012, Allison launched its Generation 5 model for multiple applications. It’s still used today, as it has proven to be the most reliable. This series is known for its diagnostic programming and the ability to constantly monitor it’s operating parameters, while notifying drivers of issues before they cause damage or injury.

A-1 Transmission Services

Allison Transmissions require far less routine maintenance than standard automatic transmissions, but they do still require occasional servicing. A-1 Transmission is one of 1400 worldwide authorized Allison Transmission distributors and dealers. 

With A-1 Transmission, you’ll be sure to get the highest quality service in your routine work, or in replacing or upgrading your fleet’s transmissions. Our professional transmission technicians are trained to work with Allison Transmissions for every known repair and maintenance tasks associated with the industry. 

Transmissions can be finicky and can require specialized tools and training. Your standard tune-up shop typically won’t have the expertise to provide you the service needed for your transmission. With A-1 Transmission, you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Replacement or Rebuild

Allison Transmissions are built for long-term performance. When they do wear out and break down, they can be rebuilt or repaired by a designated Allison Transmission representative company. A-1 Transmission is one of the very few certified Allison Transmission qualified shops. 

A-1 serves Rogers, Arkansas and all of Benton County. No matter the vehicle or machinery in need of services, we’re ready to help. Give us a call or bring in your rig to discuss your Allison Transmission options. 

If you have any questions about your fleet transmissions, maintenance, or installations, give us a call, and we’ll set up a consultation. Our transmission technicians strive to keep abreast of new developments and stay on top of new technologies. They work hard to make sure that your service is better than you expect, every time you bring in your vehicle.

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